V1 – Full Size

V1 with truck tray starts at $120,925 installed.

The original XPCamper. This seamless monocoque pop up camper is designed for the 1 ton full size trucks. XPCamper’s unique truck tray system is utilized to created a solid foundation for the camper and allow for maximum utility when the camper is removed. If you’re looking for the ultimate expanding expedition truck camper, look no further!

The signature feature of XPV1, the automated pop-up mechanism, has no equal. When your expedition reaches that perfect remote camping site an electronic lift raises the camper roof approximately 3 feet to provide 6-1/2 feet of headroom while still providing you with a queen size bed, kitchen, bathroom and dinette. In less than 30 seconds your camper is set up and ready to use and when it’s time to hit the road again, 10 seconds breaks camp. When closed for travel the XPCamper stands only 56″ higher than the truck bed reducing wind drag on the highway and making it easier to squeeze through tight trails.