V4 – XPCube

Price is dependent on size. Shell model will have 3 windows, entry door and a lifting mechanism with one 150amp AGM battery along with the 3 point pivot frame. Truck needs to be at XPCamper’s shop for frame to be installed. The V4 XPCube can be sized to fit a variety of truck chassis from standard pick ups including F350, Tacoma and Tundra to Unimogs or semis.

Built with the same composite technology as the other XP versions, the structure utilizes a monocoque design. The V4 version allows us to work directly with the customer to layout the interior to meet their specific needs. The cabin sits directly on a 3 point flex frame but could be adapted to work with the truck tray as well. Innovative features like a bumper which pivots (allows for greater departure angle) and storage box solutions can be all incorporated to make your #freedomobile dream come true.