XPCamper is an expanding, exploration pop-up camper designed for the overland adventurer.

A flatbed replaces the standard truck bed giving you additional storage space and makes installation and removal of the camper quick and easy. The XP shell is a fiberglass composite, pop-up design that creates less drag while driving. With the touch of a button, the roof raises to full standing height. The seamless shell is both extremely light and exceptionally strong. Hard-sided monocoque construction combines a molded composite-over-foam core wrapped with hand laid unidirectional fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber. This unique self supporting design is stronger and lighter providing better thermal and acoustical insulation than a traditional internal frame camper.

Convenient, compact and easy to drive, XPCamper takes truck campers to the next level. Whether you’re going on an expedition around the world, across the continent or just a few miles down the road, you’ll be traveling in comfort, style and confidence that you’ll have a worry free camping experience.