Design & Construction

Cutting Edge Aerodynamic Design

The XP isn’t a typical box-in-the-bed camper. Patterned after boats, racecars and airplanes the revolutionary popup camper provides the expedition traveler with a low aerodynamic profile on the highway, a steep rear over- hang that is easy to maneuver off the highway, and a surprising amount of living space while in camp.

Breakthrough Construction

The seamless shell of the XPCamper is both extremely light and exceptionally strong. The hard-sided monocoque construction combines a molded composite-over-foam core wrapped with hand laid unidirectional fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber. This unique self supporting design is stronger, lighter and provides better thermal and acoustical insulation than a traditional internal frame camper.

The Concept of Foam Core Construction

Advanced foam core materials, when used with high strength skins, provide the ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness. Compared to single skin laminates, the sandwich concept provides substantial improvements in both flexural rigidity and flexural strength; yet the weight increase is negligible.

In principle a sandwich consists of two skins or facings with a core material in between. The skins take up normal stresses and give the structure a hard wearing surface. The core material absorbs the shear stresses generated by loads, distributing them over a larger area.

Our foam core materials are closed cell and are therefore virtually impervious to the ingress of moisture. So in the unlikely and unfortunate situation where you actually damage the cabin there is no need to worry about any future dry rot. You would need to get the damaged area repaired at some point, but there is also no need to cut your trip short because of it. In addition, sandwich composites require virtually no maintenance and repairs can often be carried out easily without any loss of structural integrity.

Sandwich construction is one of the best ways to reduce weight. But this is just the first step in the weight saving spiral. The sandwich concept also inherently increases stiffness and provides excellent sound and thermal insulation properties eliminating the need for subsidiary materials. This further weight reduction results in even lower energy consumption and consequently a much lower environmental impact.

Compared to other fiberglass campers, this construction technique is far superior and will withstand the rugged off-road use and stress loads the XPCamper will be subjected to when in the environment it was designed to travel.

Hand laid unidirectional fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber will strengthen the cabin even more so that there will not be any structural failure when hitting a tree or misjudging a bump at high speed on gravel roads.

Our cabin doesn’t feature any chopped fiberglass or block foam insulation with heavy backing. We use the newest technology applied in a small package for you to enjoy for years to come.

Monocoque construction with no seams. Simply the best.