The Concept

If you’re an avid camper and off-highway enthusiast like me, you’ve probably looked at your own camper over the years and wondered: “Why doesn’t it have this or why doesn’t it do that?” A traditional RV or camper is designed with a mass market, middle of the road (and mostly on the road) user in mind. Those of us who travel and camp beyond the pavement and away from AstroTurf rectangles need a bit more.

Then there’s the maintenance. When you take your camper off the highway it seems like something is always breaking down or falling off. Maybe that happens to the “middle of road” folks as well, I don’t know, but it sure happened to me a lot. One day I said to myself; “I’m sick and tired of always having to fix things.” Like you, I wanted to spend my time exploring and camping instead of repairing and maintaining. That gave me the inspiration to build my own, perfect for me, off-highway capable camper.

A camper that is large and comfortable on the inside, but small and maneuverable on the outside. It needs to handle the rough roads and difficult situations I seem to keep finding myself in with ease, while still having enough convenience and luxury to make even long trips safe and enjoyable. And of course, it has to be low maintenance. I need to be able to use my truck for other things when I’m not camping. Most people and major RV manufacturers would tell you that list is impossible to satisfy with one camper. I decided that I wouldn’t know unless I tried.

When you take a closer look at the XPCamper I think you’ll agree that it is the next generation in off-highway, pop-up campers. I’ve spent the last eight years researching, designing, experimenting, learning (often through trial and error) and finally, creating, a revolutionary recreational vehicle. A vehicle system that will fulfill the ultimate wish list of any serious adventurer, explorer or outdoor enthusiast.

The construction of XPCamper is greatly influenced by the advanced technologies found in the marine products industry. XPCamper uses these proven technologies to create a durable, lightweight and extremely spacious camper. Seamless single-unit construction utilizing lightweight materials, minus wood, staples, caulk and lamination (found in conventional RV construction) are what make XPCamper stand above the rest.

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